Where to sell Racumin® Paste Rat

Where to sell Racumin® Paste Rat

Specialized in selling rat poison in Ho Chi Minh City, import rat mice, today I would like to introduce to you a new mouse rodent from Germany Bayer high-grade rodent killer mouse Racumin® Paste, You want to kill the mouse with a residue, you do not have time to kill the mouse, you are afraid of the mouse, you can buy the mouse rid of Racumin® Paste to solve the problem, now companies often develop drug products Racmetal Paste is one of the rare products on the market of rat poison if you use Racumin® Paste to see the many advantages of the drug they are easy to use. Ste can go to retail store: 982/29 Quang Trung, Ward 8. Go Vap District. Let's take a look at the information and optimizations of Racmet® Paste.

 Racumin® Paste Rat Removal
10 packs of Racumin® Paste diets
10 packs of Racumin® Paste diets

Active ingredient: Coumatetralyl accounts for 0.0375 g / kg;
Additive 1 kg;
Specification: 1 Box contains 10 small packets per 1 tablet about 10 grams;
Imported by: Bayer Germany;
Specialized in killing mice of all kinds, rodents;
Waxed form, delicious;
Ease of use does not take time;
Traps can be set inside and out for several days without losing the original taste of Racumin® Paste.
 Use of the Racumin® Paste Rat
Racumin® Paste Sau Thuoc Mat
Racumin® Paste Sau Thuoc Mat

Place 3 - 5 pack Racumin ® in the regular places of the mouse;
If near the rat hole where you want to place the Racumin® Paste Rat eliminator from 5 to 10 Racumin® Paste Racquets;
We can use in a large area is: depending on the area that we calculate about 1 ha each need from 0.8 kg to 1 kg of drugs, if we leave each root is 1 - 3 tablets are about 1 kg to 1, 5 kg you offline.
Safe when using Racumin® Paste
Diet Chuot Bang Racumin® Paste
Diet Chuot Bang Racumin® Paste

Always read the product label before use;
Keep away from children;
Do not use Racumin® Paste for any other purpose other than the use of Racumin® Paste for purposes other than the intended use of the product;
Store in the original packaging closed if not used up, note the package opened to tear up the hair is not always used to re-use offline;
Do not eat, drink or smoke during operation, use Racumin® Paste;
When using Racumin® Paste, wear gloves when handling the product; you should wash your hands with soap;
When used, you should not leave the mouse with Racumin® Paste residuals in burning you will be harmful to the health of humans and pets.
You can buy products in the retail package if you go to the store: 982/29 Quang Trung, Ward 8, Go Vap District. Or contact: invite you to see more products found in the product of banthuocdietcontrung.com , respectfully invite you to kill the mouse successfully at home.


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